Our koifood is well known for many years and is sold by high class koistores, mostly under their own brand. The quality of the food is just as good as the well known brands like Hikari, Takazumi, Medicarp, ect. The food is develloped by Japanese experts with over a 100 years of experience, so we can gaurantee a high quality for a very good price. The production is in Europe, always with the original ingredients, this way we can offer a quick delivery and with the same high quality as if it were manufactured in Japan.

You also get loyalty points with every bag you buy, these points can be used for free products, but only if you register as a client.
If you want to know more, please go to ''Information' and see how it works.

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16L/6KG Koivoer Supreme Plus
Why should you buy a 16L/6KG bucket Supreme Plus?This Supreme Plus we have combined from o..
Super Growth + Fish Oil 5.8MM 16L/6KG
Why should you buy a 16L/6KG bucket Super Growth + Fish Oil 5.8MM?We have develloped the Super ..
Duo Plus 6.0 MM 16L/6KG
Why should you buy a 16L/6KG bucket Duo Plus 6.0 MM?Duo Plus is a specially deve..
Growth Sinking 4.5MM 16L/10KG
Why should you buy a 16L/10KG bucket Growth Sinking 4.5MM?Growth Sinking is a sinking food..
16L/10KG All Season sinking 5.8 MM
Why should you buy a 16L bucket All Season Sinking 5.8 MM?All Season is an easy digestible..
Economy 4.5MM 6KG
Our Economy is a new type of food which we can provide at very scharp prices. It can be fe..
Health Plus (Probiotica) 5.8MM 16L/6KG
Why should you buy a 16L/6KG bucket Health Plus 5.8MM?Health Plus is our top food, th..
Supreme 5.8MM 16L/6KG
Why should you buy a 16L/6KG bucket Supreme 5.8MM?Supreme 5.8MM is our top koi food and really ..
Super Color 5.8MM 16L/5KG
Why should you buy a 16L/5KG bucket Super Color 5.8MM?Super Color is a specific ..
Health Plus mix16L/6KG
Deze Health mix hebben we speciaal voor u samengesteld, zodat uw koi zeer gevarieerd zijn voeding kr..
Nature mix 16L/5,5KG
Why should you buy a 16L/5,5KG bucket Nature mix?We have specially combined this nature mix for..
Summermix 16L/6KG
Why should you buy a 16L/6KG bucket Summermix?We have specially combined this summermix fo..
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